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WAIKIKI is about creating a vision. “It’s not about how you look, it’s about how you feel!”.

Many women are going through life experiencing many ups and downs when it comes to their body image, we are all just searching for a place in life called balance. Feeling good in your own skin is what WAIKIKI is all about. Being able to feel confident on the beach and owning your body and curves is what being a women is all about and a goal we would like to set for women in this new era of female empowerment. 

Turning bikini’s into that feeling of that one pair of ‘jeans’ that completely sky rockets your confidence on a night out. We started WAIKIKI hoping to inspire others to feel good and love themselves, turning looking good into feeling good because looking good starts on the inside. The brands designs are catered to your curves and will accentuate the female body in all the right places. WAIKIKI is a sustainable and eco-friendly brand, using recycled and luxury high quality materials from Italy. We are manufactured in bali and we make sure our background is as sustainable as our brand itself. WAIKIKI also supports ocean clean up projects, we try our best to leave a positive footprint behind and make a difference. We are a young and sustainable brand hoping to start a movement of owning yourself!

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